Secondary menu?

Hello aThemes,

Gotta say I love Sydney! But I want to add a secondary menu bar at the foot of my site to add contact us, terms of service and printer any policy links. This seems like it would be a very common need for a business theme as almost all business pages would need those 3 items and most would link them at the bottom of the pages.

Is there a way you guys would implement that? I suppose I could do a child theme but thought it might be something popular enough that business theme may want.

Thanks again!


Yeah, I guess that would make sense. Tough we’re not going to make any changes to the theme until it goes live and that will probably take about two more weeks.

Hey Vlad, thanks for the reply. I’m assuming that by “live” you mean the next update?

And no problem, in that case, I’ll use a child theme for now.

Thanks again!

No, I mean when the theme goes live on It’s already approved by the reviewers but it takes a bit longer until an admin has a final look and sets it live.

Panterateama - were you able to add a secondary menu to your footer? I would appreciate if you could share the code that you used in your child theme. Actually I am using Perth and am hoping what you did works for me as well.

Vlad and Kharis - I am loving Perth but need a secondary menu. Would hate to switch my theme. Have tried this: but just does not work with Perth. Theme Locations in the Menu Settings section does not appear. Appreciate your help.