Search Box - 2 questions

  1. How can I set diferent color for Search Box widget border and Font ?
  2. Is it some solution to place Search Box in header area? (maybe near menu) ?


  1. Please create a new topic with a link to your website and some explanatory screenshots to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you.

  2. You can try to use Bop Search Box plugin and the following CSS code. You can add CSS code in Dashboard → Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS.

.bop-nav-search .search-field {
    height: 30px;
    width: 150px;
    padding: 4px 10px;
    margin: 1px 4px;

.bop-nav-search .search-submit {
    padding: 5px 15px 3px;

Kind Regards, Roman.