Search bar

What can I do about the search bar? Doesn’t seem to work very well and search widgets I’ve tried seem to revert to the same thing, a search button that does not let you actually type in a search. Thanks.

Hello there,

It is important to share your page link so we can check the issue. Search should work just fine, just like inside our demo

Also try to explain your problem a bit, on which browser / device are you experiencing this problem, thanks.

All the Best!

It’s because the sidebar is black and the text is black. If I could get in and change the bg color in the search bar it would be perfect! Thanks!

Hello again,

Apply custom css code below from child theme style.css file or with this plugin

aside#sidebar label {
    background-color: #ffcc00;

and of course change color value to your liking.

You can also reduce width of input field by including width property like this:

aside#sidebar label {
    width: 100%;
    background-color: #ffcc00;

If you want to change it in some other way, just let me know.


That will be perfect! I know I looked in the css, not sure how I missed it! Thanks again for the great theme and all your help!