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Hello World,

I am a newbie using Wordpress and I’ve only installed it locally in my Mac. I find the Fashionista as the most appealing theme for me (so far).

Anyway, I have three questions so far.

  • In my page, the Search box and Search button appear in two lines. How can I make it appear in one line just like how it shows up in the Demo?
  • I have a “Contact Us” page but I do not want my visitor’s comments to get posted on my page. Instead, I want their feedback sent to me via email. How can this be done? (Not sure if this a theme question or WP question)
  • On my sidebar, I installed a widget (not sure if I chose the right one) and I want to manually add entries under it? Just like a book’s table of contents on the side of my page.

Thank You.

I was able to figure out the answer to my third question relating to the sidebar.

Hi B

I assume the search bar is in the sidebar widget section and if it is so, the below css code will make this work. Add the css code in yout theme’s style.css file, preferably try this on a child theme’s style.css file or by using a custom css plugin

.site-sidebar .widget_search .search-field {
    width: 60%;

Now to disable comments from the contact us page. Check this link from codex for more details.

Hope it helps!!



You’re the man.

Your solution proves how bad my (lack of) CSS knowledge is.

As for my other question about the “contact us”, I installed the “Contact Form 7” plug-in and that solved my problem.


Glad it helped!!!