Sometimes it will not let me scroll with my mouse down the page… especially on posts with gifs or videos. How do i fix that?

I’m not seeing this issue on your website. It’s scrolling fine for me and I check multiple pages.

Yea it is just an occasional thing… If you scroll down a bit and stop scrolling for a second and then try to scroll again it usually doesn’t work

I tried like you said a couple of times. Still not seeing it. We’re using the custom scroller on a couple of themes without issues. Would you like to disable it?

No its fine i will deal with it. But also 1 more question… Sorry
My Youtube widget does not work on the home page… Do you know why that is?

Did you enter the embed code? You only need to add the link for the video.

yeah i just add the link… I change it every couple of days but it works on every other page except for the home page

I just saw that you’re using a third party plugin for Youtube videos, you’re not using the widget we made for the theme so I cannot really know what is wrong with it. If you look at our demo you can see the video working on the home page and on any other page.

Okay i found out that you can’t keep scrolling if you stop scrolling + your pointer over the picture… It just won’t let me scroll down anymore. If it doesn’t work the first time, refresh it and try again and eventually it will not allow you to scroll.

I tried a couple of times and I’m still not seeing it. It might be related to your browser. You can go to Appearance > Customize > General and disable the custom scroller from there if it’s making issues for you.

Darn… Alright thank you!