Scrolling to section via menu

I have watched and read through the documentation, but I may have missed something…

On the demo site, I saw under services (I believe) you were able to click the menu item and it would scroll to that section of the page.

Our idea is to build a single page website and I want to main menu to auto-scroll to each section. As of right now, I look at adding menu items and they are only pages, but I do know I can create a link.

Can someone please reference how to complete this using the current theme and no additional plugins?

Is there an ID I am supposed to reference? If you see on the current page, if you click “Our Services” it will open a new page. I just want it to scroll down to the section. (temp)

Hi, just add Link to your menu and for URL field add desired ID (ex. #services). You can see id’s of your section with google chrome developers tools (F12). For services ID is #services, for clients #clients

nice. Thanks!

How can I actually make your header menu static and when scrolling down the website so i can actually choose from my services.

Hi, sorry, Quill theme doesn’t have such option. Maybe to use another one, Moesia is pretty good and it can be configured like that.