Scrolling not smooth in Chrome/IE

I’ve noticed that the scrolling isn’t very smooth like it should be in Chrome (latest version) and IE9. My site scrolls buttery smooth in Firefox as well as the Intro demo site. But the demo site and my site don’t behave the same outside of Firefox.

The url is

Is there some way to force the scrolling to be smooth as it is in Firefox or is the scrolling in Chrome fine on your end meaning it may be something on my end? Thanks

I have noticed a bug or something in Firefox and IE9 that doesn’t appear in Chrome though. Its a little weird thing next to the About Us text I went and took a screenshot the link for that will be below. As I said this only shows in Firefox and IE9 but its not visible in Chrome.

I used to have a picture on that side but have since removed it I don’t know if its coming from that.

I resolved the second issue with the thing appearing next to the About Us section. The scrolling in Chrome and IE9 however still isn’t functioning right though I did check the site in Safari and it scrolls smoothly there.

Not really sure what you mean, there is no smooth scrolling in Chrome. Your site works for me the same as any other site I see in Chrome.