Scrolling employees


Is there a way to get the employee list to scroll? I have 5 employees in the row but it doesn’t scroll. Is there a way to do this?

Thank You.


Hi, for the default of the theme, there is no scroll feature for the employees widget

Thank You Awan. Do you know how to remove the Google icon on the employee rollover and replace it with an envelope/email? Vlad said there was a way but he never responded.

Can you assist with that?

Thank You again,


google icon? did you mean the social media icons? we don’t use google icon for it, but we use font-awesome and that was the default from the theme.

If you need to add an email link/icon, you have to add the text-field to put the link from types > custom field, and then you also need to edit fp-employees.php in order to display the link and add your icon.