Scroll down arrow or words needed

Hi there,

I’ve had a bit of feedback about my site, it’s mostly positive, well done guys for a great theme!

The main thing people said was it wasn’t obvious enough to scroll down on the home page to get to the rest of the site. Most people clicked various areas first before trying to scroll.

So my question is; Can we have an option to have some sort of notification like an animated arrow pointing to the bottom of the page or some text simply saying “scroll to enter” or something?

My site is

I hope that makes sense!


Hello there,

Thank you for posting in.

Could you please try to follow what we have already done to achieve that such kind of objective here? You have to make some adjustments as needed.


Hi Kharis, thanks for your help on this.

I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t work on my site. All I end up with is the word ‘Scroll’ at the top of my next page after scrolling.

Attached is a screenshot of my row options as there are a bit different than in your tutorial.

Hi John,

Another option for a scroll arrow is what my wife’s site has:

If you like that, you can follow the directions to add it with the directions I added to the following forum post:

Given your white and blue background, you’ll probably want to play with the color of the arrow, since the directions above will end up with a white button which might get lost in your background. Change it to whatever works best for you.

Also make sure you DON’T have the “Automatically add paragraphs” check box selected in the text widget you add to the Above Header Extension plugin, as that will add a small full-width colored bar at the top of your webpage, which you don’t want.


Hello @bergner,

Thank you for sharing. We really appreciated it.