Scroll Buttons on Front Page

Hi Vlad.

Please pardon me if this question is kind of stupid/simple.
I getting a feedback from my friends about my front page. They do not understand that there are other blocks to scroll to under the header.

Is it possible to add scroll buttons or any other indication that there is more content to be seen?

Thank you very much and best regards,



Well, on larger screens it is visible that there are other blocks. For example I see the SERVIÇOS heading and part of the icons.
Easiest way would be to use one of your existing header buttons and add #primary as the URL while saying something like Scroll Down.

Hi Vlad.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Could you be more especific how to do this?
I´m very new to this wrodpress/theme thing.
Can I use #secondary, for example?



Just like you’ve added the link for your blog :slight_smile: From Customize > Header Area. What I meant is sacrifice one of those two buttons that are on top of your header image, sorry if I was unclear.

#secondary won’t help, that’s the sidebar’s ID. #primary on the other hand will scroll you down to the content area on any page.