Scroll button in header

I need help with adding a scroll button to my header.
I’ve done the following steps as shown in this post.

And indeed a button is shown, but if you click on it, it does nothing!

However if I replace #site-navigation with #services… (check code in the link) than the button suddenly does work, by redirecting to services!

Can anyone help me please!

Thank you so much in advance!


Please share the URL of your site and let me know what should be displayed when those button clicked.


Hi Awan!

This is the link to my site.

I want that when you press the button, the site scrolls down just a little bit, so people knot to scroll down just like what happens to this site:, when you press on the button.

Thank you very much!

Oh I see… you can change your current link with this #primary.


That did the job! Thank you so much!