Scroll bar width


For some reason my Moesia Pro sites scrollbar on the right is only 5 px wide which is too narrow. There seems to be some kind of “nicescroll-rails” CSS that renders the scrollbar. I found no way to change or remove it. I have Modular Custom CSS plugin that works fine, but this somehow is beyond its control.

How can I get rid of the custom scrollbar or change it wider.? Site is here: You have the admin details.



Found out this by myself:

div#ascrail2000.nicescroll-rails div {width: 10px !important;

Needed to add the extra div to the selector.


You can also disable it if you want from Customize > General.

Great! Thanks.

The scroll bar is too thin and dark slider backgrounds make it impossible to find. Juha7one fix did not work for me, or I didn’t do it correctly. Please advise. Or maybe just fix this and update the theme.