Scroll bar in body

Hi, I’m just getting started with Quill and it’s looking fantastic!

I need help about the little scroll bar that appears on the main body of my front page.

Here’s my page:

I have a YouTube video embedded right now, and I want to get rid of the scroll bar right next to it.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, on which scrollbar do you mean, right now there is vimeo video? In which web browser you are experiencing this issue?

Hi, yeah I’ve changed it to a Vimeo video, but I still see it via Chrome.
I actually don’t see it via Firefox so I guess it’s a browser issue then…

Sorry, it is not appearing in Chrome and Firefox in Linux nor on Windows. Can you create screenshot and upload it somewhere (maybe on It could also be related with some Addon for Chrome.

You’re right, I don’t see it anymore on Chrome either.
Hmm…I should have taken a screenshot earlier but thanks for your help anyways.