Script is not getting injected in Header

I am not able to reply to my existing query in the forum. Hence created new thread.

I did tried that injecting script in header.php, but it is not getting injected. Even I tried Header and Footer plugin.

dimikjones wrote:

Oh, for that. It should work by adding code to header.php just above wp_head();

Also you can use some plugin like Insert Headers and Footers.

Post Link:

<script src="//" data-sumo-site-id="c5eac674a593cc813fd70bc5220724f2132e79e954050471d5e825aa20581be2" async="async"></script>

It must be injected. Maybe you don’t have permissions to edit your template files. Post your page link so we can check if it is injected or not. Have you edit header.php for correct theme ?