Script animation

Hey Vlad,

Just started using the Intro theme on I’m wondering how to style the script animation so that the font is smaller and I can change the font color of specific works like on the demo page. Thanks for any help.

Also, I had to download and install the Page Builder plugin directly, which I didn’t have to do with Moesia. Is that normal? Will it affect anything with the theme? Thanks so much



You can add this to a custom CSS plugin to change the size:

.header-container h1 {
      font-size: 30px;

Not sure what you mean by specific works?
Also not sure what you mean regarding the page builder but if you managed to install it then it won’t affect anything.

sorry typo. I meant to say that I would like to change the font color of specific words within the script animation like in the demo page. also, when I downloaded the Intro theme there was no tab for page builder next to the WYSIWYG box, so I went to the plugins directory, found it, and downloaded it. that shouldn’t be a problem, right? I ask because I’m having trouble changing the button color and font color within the Intro: Call to Action button, and I’m wondering if it’s because I downloaded the plugin myself.


The demo has a color for static text and a color for animated text. You don’t have any static text added.

I see. Ok sorry that makes sense. Do you have a way to keep the logo image from bleeding into the rows below it when the page is scrolling? I tried looking through the customize menu, but I can’t seem to find the place to input the dimensions of the logo. Would that fix it? Thanks,


The top bar (including the logo) gets a background color when the page is scrolled so the logo is probably visible. Unfortunately in your case the page is too small in height so the scrolling doesn’t reach the point where it triggers that background. If you add an extra row on your front page you’ll see what I mean.
On a different note, I suggest you set your header image to cover instead of contain since it isn’t big enough to cover the whole screen.

ok yes I see what you mean; but, I’m a little confused the suggested dimensions are 1920 x 1080 which is what the dimensions of the header image are, but it still is too small?