Screen size of Service Widget

My friends, I need a little help with this issue:

My screen resolution is 1920x1080, but I was asked to develop the website for the standards 1440x900 screen. This created me an issue:

I’m using a 3x3 grid in the service widget, in my pc that it’s 1920x1080, all the services appear on screen. When I change it to the 1440x900, the below 3 services doesn’t appear.

It’s important to my client that all 9 features appear on screen together…

Is there any way to make it works? Making the images smaller, making the div tighter…

I already used the code

.service-title {
font-size: 18px;

I’ve seen in other post to make the title smaller.

Can you help me?

Again I forgot the link:

Not sure I understand what you mean by this: the below 3 services doesn’t appear
Just checked this resolution in a couple of testing tools and the services look okay.

Sorry, my friend.

The 3 features below doesn’t appear on the screen together with the other 6. I have to scroll down a little bit, then if I scroll down, the 3 above aren’t on the screen anymore.

I would like all 9 appearing together on the screen using the resolution 1440x900, like happens in my pc when I change the resolution to 1920x1080.

Oh, I thought something was broken. So you want all the 9 services to show up at the same time on the screen?
If yes, you can try reducing the vertical padding between services:

.service {
     padding: 15px 30px;

It’s 30px default, I’ve reduced it to 15px in this code.

That’s it! Thx a lot.

One last question: Am I only able to use multiples of 15 or can I use 5, 10, 20, 25…?

For this moment, the case is closed.

May the force be with you!

You can use any positive number you want.

Thanks again, Vlad.

Another issue has emerged:

Is there any chance to decrease the size of the pictures in the header?

The way it is now, it fully all the screen and my client asked me to show at least a bit of the menu bar below for people understand they have to scroll down to continue the website…

I guess for today, this is the last

See Customize > Header Image. There is an option there to set the max header height. You can also move the menu at the top if you want from Customize > Menu.
Or even better you can use Revolution Slider without forcing it to be full screen, just full width.

The option of the Rev Slider for me is the worse because I don’t know how to configure it. Any tip in this case?

There are 2 configurations on the “max header height” which one should I choose? What’s the difference between cover and contain?


Here is some documentation for the Revolution Slider. It’s really easy if you just want to display some images.

It’s noted there what each max-height does. You could simply alter the first one in your case.

Cover is default and the image is stretched to fill the whole header area, keeping just one side of the image completely visible. Contain keeps both sides visible, thus not filling the whole header.

I’ve only 1 client, and i’d like to insert is logo with personal sizes … I deleted Client 2, 3 and 4 sono that I see his logo in the middle of the page but it’s too much small

can u help me please?