Scaling Problems

I´ve got some problems with the scaling of the testimonial and employees sections. On a mobile device in portrait-view the text isn´t shown properly. If you put the phone in landscape and than change again back to protrait the testimonial-texts are shown normal.
With the employees section there is a problem in scaling too, on some screens when you hover the pictures the text is bigger than the picture.

hopefully someone could help me :slight_smile:
my page

tried to delete the employees section and make a new one but the problem is still there…


I just checking your site and both of the testimonial and employees section are working well. And I dont see the text is bigger than the image while hovering the text title on employee section.

Can you post a screenshot for the issue you are facing?

that was the problem in the mobile view with an iphone 5.

You are right with the desktop browser there is no problem. It is only with a mobile device.


No… the testimonial and employees widget are displayed well while in mobile

Please try to clear cache of your browser.

but I found this and to solve it, you can add the css code below:

@media only screen and (max-width: 991px){
  #panel-8-1-0-0 .panel-widget-style {
    padding: 25px !important;


that´s weird so it´s a screensize problem. I have only an Iphone 5/s to check the site and there the problems are still there. I also added the code you posted but for my phone this does not solve the issue you posted (neither the old one :p). I think a friend of mine with an Iphone 6 had the same problems in portraitmode. I did cleared the cache so.
As i said if you change from portrait in landscape and than back to portrait everything is fine!??

I also checked it in the mobile chrome browser it´s the same:

so what would be the css value i would have to change? the: (max-width: 991px) or the padding?

getting a bit closer… the screensize of the iphone is 640x1136. So if it doesn´t work with the 640px i would have to change something in the “max-width(479px)” area of the css, right?

the text was visible after i added : word-wrap: break-word; but that makes the text nearly unreadble… The Problem with the testimonial section is that the textslider does not work and the two testimonial texts are uppon each other.

here is my style.css file :

Is it possible that my alignment of the text/pictures with the padding is the Problem? Here i changed from px to % but that does not solve the problems either…

Hi, I am sorry… I can help you to fix this issue bcoz I dont have apple device at the moment.

I just using device simulator from google chrome - firefox - safari and its worked well here.

I am not sure what cause it but its strange!

Now i know the problem. The Words are to long and now i have to find out how to break them.