Scaling of employee images

Hi, i did a quick search of the forum, but couldn’t find a good answer.

It is regarding employees.

The images of the employees does not have any consistency in their size. It seems it cut to be like a 2D pyramid. Any way to change this?

Heres a link to a page, for reference:


They can’t be consistent if you don’t upload the same size for all the images. The theme crops the employee images at exactly 550x400 pixels. Obviously, smaller images won’t be stretched and no alterations will be made by the theme to ensure the same size for all images as that would mean to distort them. So basically you need to upload the same size for your employee images :slight_smile:


But, sure its not cropped to 400x550?
If so, that would make a lot more sense to me.

I’m sure. But you can use a plugin to change the theme defined image sizes to the ones you need. I haven’t used it personally.