Scale thumbnail

two questions:
I want to change the thumbnail size.
At the moment the image is quadratic, but I need a rectangle.
I don’t find this option in the editor.

where can I deactivate the comment-counter?
I don’t want to see the colored box with the counter.

Thanks, Nora

Hi Nora,

You can check your theme’s functions.php file, line number 46 which is add_image_size( ‘thumb-featured’, 250, 175, true ),

so any image uploaded which is greater than 250 width and and 175px height will be cropped to this size. So add/edit the size you want it to be and save it and apply accordingly.

To read more on add_image_size, check the codex.

Once this is done, regenerate all the images using this plugin to make this image size work.

Now too remove the comment-counter, add the below css in your child theme’s style.css or using a custom css plugin.

.comments-link {
    display: none;

Hope it helps!!


Hi there,

I am using hiero theme for my website. I uploaded an image from the library but i cannot see the picture on homepage with the article however i can see it once i click on continue reading.


Daily Rewind

hi dailyrewind,’

Please create a new thread for your issue and when you do so, also share a link to the site



sorry but I have the same issue with the sydney theme. my article appears once with the picture and the right writing (bold, underlined …)

afterwards, I just have the text without any text format. it’s also true on others computers.

may someone can support me on this please ?


Hi Fred

can you please create a new thread for this in the respective theme forum.

I am sure you will get help there.