Same Page Redirection not working!

Hi there, first of all praises for this theme wonderful theme, specially for types plugin it allows so much freedom to customize and use sydney as users wants.

Now my problem is, i have just setup the theme on , everything works fine except for positional scroll for the same page … like when you click “CLICK TO BEGIN” it scroll down to related section perfectly. but when i proceed further and click on “SEE MORE SERVICES” , there is no scroll ?? no further buttons below it work ! can you please guide me how to fix that if thats a problem at all ? if not please educate me about how to same page redirection !! Thanks


Those are the links that work on our demo site, they won’t work on your page. Simply edit the widgets and change the links.
Example: the See more services button, you need to change the link to #pg-220-1. Same for the others, replace 8 (our page ID) with 220 (your page ID).


Yes got you, My mistake thanks for the help Vlad !!

I’m having the same problem. I fixed it once and now is not working. I tried to change the rows numnbers but it does not help. It keeps static.

How can I resolve the situation?

Hi Javiervw , i guess the problem with you is you are using the same page id that vlad gave me … it was for my site, for you the page id must be different, For you it is 264. So all your re-directions will work if use 264 instead of 220 … so in your case the link for SEE MORE SERVICES BUTTON WOULD BE: #pg-264-1.

guess that will solve your problem !!

Hi Abhishek,

Thank you. It worked. For my knowledge, how did you find it was 264? I was usisng 221 that shown on the address.

Thank you for our help.

Hi Javier,

its pretty simple, you can go to edit page/page and see the url on the top or even a hower over any buttons like edit page/post will show you the url with your page id.

Just go to the Publish sidebar on the right hand side of the Edit Page in admin dashboard. Then move your mouse over any of the Edit links or the Move to Trash link.

If your browser has the Status Bar turned on, you will see post= followed by the Page ID in the status bar.

If not, just right mouse click and look at the URL in the properties. Same post= value or page=value

You might be wondering how did i found yours without even access to admin panel … simply right click on any browser click view page source , once open search page= you will find it

You can also have a look at this video for admin side usage