Same menu layout for mobile like desktop

Thanks for this impressiv Theme!
I have some problems with the mobile views. I love the design from the desktop version, and want the mobile look like the desktop one.

Is it Possible to have the same layout for the mobile/tablet menu as like the desktop one? Would have the logo left, and menu buttom right. And not so much space between.

Here is a link to the website:

This is the mobile menu i want to change:

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

Let’s address this one first. To achieve it, you could apply custom code solution posted this discussion.

For you other question, please create a separate topic for it. Use one topic for one question, please. This will avoid endless discussion.


Thank you for your fast response.
Your code work, but it is not that what i want. Now my menu look like this,

But i only want to have the logo left and menu right.
And all in one line :wink:

Hello there,

I am not sure if there are enough spaces at the right side for 4 menu items when logo moves to left.


Thank you for your fast answer. I think i describe it a little bit bad… the only thing i want, is to have the logo, and the menu icon in one row. like this. So the high is smaler.