Same footer on each page?

hi thanks again for a superb theme.

Sorry for the basic question. I’m sure I’ve missed something obvious:

How do I make a footer appear the same on each page?

I can’t find a widget for this (did I delete it?) so created my own which you can see in my “about” page.

However, if I duplicate this home-made footer in any other page, it fails to span the width of the screen

Does this make sense?

Here’s my site:

Thanks for your help.



I wonder if my question above is easy to resolve?



Hi, sorry for delays…

I just checking your site and I think you area using text widget for your frontpage.

Those text widget are only created using pagebuilder within the page, You can’t duplicate it to another pages (blog, contact).

Why didnt you create those “Footer” from footer widgets?

Thanks for your reply.

I created a text footer because I can’t find a footer widget.
Here’s a screenshot of all the widgets available to me - I can’t see a footer widget!

Please help - how do I find it?



As default of wordpress settings, you can set the footer widgets from appearance > widgets. You should see the widgets in there