Safari Mobile Double Phone Numbers in Header

On safari mobile not desktop, it now shows two phone numbers at the top??? This needs to be addressed. Click on one of the phone numbers and it shows a code the other makes a call. Chrome does not do this.

When I put the code in tc custom and activate the minifier plugins, the phone number doesn’t work but if I go through the steps again and leave the fast minifier plugin deactivated it works. Any suggestions to maximize the minifying? I got these plugins through doing speed tests and suggestions to minify more.

I just replied it on your older topic here.


I could not update the TC Custom Javascript Plugin Code when I entered it. It defaulted back to the first code when I updated it. I deleted it and re-installed and it still defaults back to the last code you gave me. I then deactivated TC Custom Javascript, downloaded Add Admin Javascript, and added the code to the Admin JavaScript (in head) section and had the same problem. I then moved the code to the
Admin JavaScript Files section and got the same exact problem for the third time. Is there something I can do to purge the TC Custom Javascript code? I have cleared all caches in wordpress and the caches in the siteground cpanel too and no results.

The code went back to the original code that did not work. Now I have the original problem.