Rows Disappeared

I apologize. I am building a site using Theme Test Drive, so I can’t actually link to the site.

I’ve been building a site using the Page Builder. I got to my 10th section/row. I added the row, a text widget, and a background image and it was fine. Then I added my html, updated the page, and it switched to the editor view. When I switch back to the page builder, everything is gone. I rebuilt my site twice and had the same issue in the same area. Here is the jsfiddle for the code I add before it breaks. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Am I missing something? Is there some kind of maximum amount of content allowed? I have no idea why it would just glitch and disappear.

It’s probably caused by switching from the page builder to the editor. Are you using the latest version of Page Builder? And why would you need to switch from the page builder tab to the editor?
Can’t be of much help with this since it’s probably related to the plugin, not to the theme.

I didn’t switch from the page builder. When I updated, the page switched itself to the editor.

But sorry, I didn’t even think about the page builder plugin. I’ll try asking there.

Alright, if you could please let me know too when you get an answer, I’m curious what the issue is.

I figured it out. It was the quotation mark html I had within one of the alt tags. Once I removed those, it saved fine.

They replied today to say they are aware of that bug and it will be fixed in the next update.

Cool, thanks for sharing.