Row Styling-Background Image

Hello, I’m looking to upload an image to the background of a row. I’ve created the image to the dimensions of 1920x600.

However, everytime I upload any image as a background of a row, it scales larger than the size of the row. What can I do so that I can upload an image that takes up and fits the whole row?

My apologies - looks like I’ve just figured it out!

@cocotoast Could you please let me know how you solved this? I’m having the same problem. Many thanks.

I’m sure that cocotouast might not be active in this forum anymore. Please open a new topic with your issue and link your page. Then we can take a look at it.

Hello @WeAreOne and thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately the site’s not launched yet. As it is still on a “Lorem ipsum” stage I would be glad to send you login details for this one to have a look. To which address please?

Vlad has replied to my comment regarding this here, after he took a look on my site to correct Row Transparency.

Many thanks.

P.s. shall I still open a new topic on this? Please advise.

Hi WeAreOne, please have a look at your mail. Thank you.