Row Spacing

Hi Again!

I’m still having trouble with the spacing between rows-they are way too far apart. So far I’ve done some research and tried everything mentioned in this post:

But nothing seems to be happening. Here’s what my custom css looks like right now:

Does the
.panel-grid-cell section;

function need to be modified for sydney or specified for a particular panel/page in my case? Also, I do not have any row heights or widget heights selected in any of the page builder editing areas for those rows.
(between the “education” row and the following row, also, between “technical skills” and the following row)

Thanks again!


Don’t worry about that code. You simply need to use the Padding option from Edit Row. It defaults to 100px so you need to add a value there if you want it different.
There’s a lot of padding in the Skills section because you’re using the Layout Builder widget - so you have a row within a row, each adding its own padding.

Ah! It worked! I just had to change ALL of them at the same time. I would change one, not get the effect I wanted, change it back, change the padding on another, etc. so they were never even. Thanks so much!

Hmm, so it worked when I set everything to 1, but then nothing changes when I add pixels. For instance, a change in both the widget and row from 1px to 5px doesn’t show. Even when I adjust the padding on the row before. It’s like it only wants to stay at 1px.

You don’t need to change all the rows padding if that’s what you mean.

I’m seeing row paddings of 100, 1 and 5 on your site so I assume everything is alright?

I’m thinking I just need to apply greater values to get what I want. I’ll mess around with it some more. Thanks again for all of your help!

Hi I want to reduce the spacing between widgets on my website, I have reduced all the paddings to 0 but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Kindly assist.