Row size

Hello again,

How can I change the hight of the row? f.e. I added an image too the background of my call to action but i find it too short. I would like to see more of the picture.

website is

btw maintanence mode is and will be on, so I will send you a mail twith login data so you can have a look if needed :wink:

cheers :slight_smile:


have you try to add padding to the row or the widgets? when you edit row/widget, please see the sidebar and you can set the padding from there

I dont yet understand this part. When i experiment with padding it looks like the area of the widget is moving away with the nr of px from the upper left corner. This makes the area of the widget disformed but dosent increase the hight of the row.

Perhaps im doing it wrong but can you explain how to use this to make the row larger in hight?

Maybe an example? :slight_smile:


Okay, then we will resize the widget.

  1. edit the widget
  2. open the “Attribute” on the “widget styles”
  3. put the css code below in the “css styles” field
    height: 500px;
    you can adjust the value of the height as you need

Hi Awan,

Thank you this is exactly what I wanted :slight_smile: I made it height 200px; and it is excellent. And now when i get the text centered in the middle it will look perfect.
the text is it too far up now.

What should be the css code for this?

I think it was a padding of the row.

  1. edit the row
  2. open Row styles > Theme
  3. Adjust top/bottom padding

Thx again it works :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: