Row Seperators


How do I drop the background from the row above into the row separator below that row? Just cant work our how to do it handy!

Thanks so much

Hi, can you elaborate more about the questions? and please also post a link to your site here


Use the Separator Type B on a row right below your row that has the background image.

Row with background image

Separator Type B (fill color: #333)

Row with background color (background color: #333)

Obviously, #333 can be any other color. Docs.

sorry is should have said, the row above has a background image and its the image i want to flow down into the separator B.

Sorry, not sure I follow. Have you managed to achieve what you wanted? What I explained above is exactly what you need. Feel free to post a link if you weren’t able to do it so we can see what you have so far.

Thanks Vlad,

site link:

I wanted to extend the image used in the Text & Image row (purple crowd image) up into the separator above it (currently black slant) below the Facts row.

thanks so much.

Ah, I see now what you mean. It’s not possible to do that between two rows that have a background image. The image doesn’t actually extend above the separator, it’s the separator (with a solid color) that goes over the image and it creates the slanted effect. Sorry.

Ah no problem. Thanks for that, as always Vlad you are awesome!