Row Padding

How do I reduce the row padding, especially when not on the front page so that the white space between the header image and the first row isn’t so significant?


maybe you can try add this code using custom css plugin:

.page-wrap {
  padding-top: 25px;

you can decrease or increase the value of the padding-top in above

Doesn’t seem to work.

Want to reduce the space at the top between the header image and the “About” text. Page is built with a row with a text widget inside of it.

You’ve set your header image height to 450px and you’ve also set it to contain. Simply set a smaller height.

Even as cover the white space would remain the same, actually playing with the setting Awan gave me didn’t move the test up or down at all.


I see what you mean Vlad by the 450px height. Is there a way for the image to dynamically adjust its height depending on screen resolution?

Well sorry to have bothered you guys, found the row padding under row theme sub menu …

Question still stands for the header image though if it’s possible. Thanks!

Sure, you can add some media queries to set different heights for different resolutions. Use this please and adjust as you see fit:

@media only screen and (max-width: 991px) {
   .header-image {
       height: 300px !important;

You can copy the code above multiple times if you need more breakpoints.
Though I see you switched to Revolution Slider at the moment.

Yeah thanks for the help!

Seems like Revolution Slider solves my problem! :slight_smile: It re-scales without keeping a fixed height so the content adjusts accordingly.

Thanks again for the help and sorry for the trouble, I’m sure I’ll have more questions eventually!