Row-padding too big / rows overlapping


My Problem:
I have a padding of 100px over and under each row (page builder by siteorigin). I changed all the paddings with “div.panel-row-style” with my child-theme-style.css, but then i got another problem…: the rows overlap each other.

Example (Theme: Sydney // Plugins: siteorigin widgets bundle, siteorigin pagebuilder, WP-Cufon, Google maps easy, types):

I tried to modify the padding in my Childtheme style.css with the following code:
div.panel-row-style {
padding: 10px 0px 10px !important;

After that, all the rows are overlapping… But I only changed the padding (the inner distance of the row.) So how is this possible? How can I arrange all the rows without too big padding and not overlapping?

i’m really lost at the moment…

Hello there,

I have checked your pages, but I couldn’t find the problem, have you managed to find some workaround for this in the meantime? If not, please share page where we can check this problem.

All the Best!

I “solved” the problem with taking another pagebuilder. I’m currently using the WR Pagebuilder. Before i used the Siteorigin Pagebuilder (because of the “advice” in the description of the Sydney-Theme). But it’s not working at all. The WR Pagebuilder solves this problem.

Do you have an idea why the Sydney Theme doesn’t like the Pagebuilder from SiteOrigin?

But it is really annoying, that i can’t use the pagbuilder (siteorigin) anymore… Why do you recommend this pagebuilder and it doesn’s work with exactly this pagebuilder? I found a couple of other people who had the exact same problem with your theme…

Do you have an other solution for me?

Hello again,

We are glad to hear that you have managed to find a workaround for this. As you can see in our demo, we are using SiteOrigin page builder, and it is working, so issue must be somewhere within your modifications, or there is conflict with one of 3rd party plugins. If WR Pagebuilder is working for you, and if you can achieve what you have aimed for, the simply stick to it.