Row full width

After latest update of Page Builder full width for rows doesn’t work.
It was OK before update. Now it’s looks like that:

any ideas why?


I just tested and it doesn’t look related to the page builder update. I see you have some JS errors that are causing this. Could you please try disabling some of your plugins and recheck?
Or even better, refresh the minification in BWP Minify which I see you’re using.

If I turn BWP minify off it looks like that:

all content is on the left side
how can i fix this?

Can you disable some more of your plugins please?
Don’t worry, we’ll handle this one way or another.

i disabled all plugins except page builder, Athemes Toolbox and SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. Still the same :frowning:

Okay, send me an admin account please to vlad[at] so I can investigate properly.

Do you have any code changes? I’ve exported your layout and imported it locally and it works:

I’m almost shure that I didn’t change code, if there are any I’m not aware of them

I got logged off. Please add this in Customize > Additional CSS and then save and refresh your page:

.panel-row-style { box-sizing: content-box; }

Not really sure where the issue comes from but this should fix it.

still the same :frowning:

Doesn’t look like it’s added. Can you resend me the account please?

You added it between the comments, that’s why it wasn’t working.
Now it works. Please remove the account you’ve sent for me.

Thank You so so so much


I have the same problem in mi page, could you help me, please??

Any ideas?


It seems you managed to add the code, but even without it you don’t seem to have the problem described in this topic.