Row disappeared from the front page

All the (Add widget, Add ROW, Add Layout) disappeared from my website dashboard.Now if I go to Pages -> front page ( and click edit) -> it directs me to the visual editor. All the ROWs I created before ( such as Services A, Services B, call to action, contact form ect…) are disappeared.
I have no idea why is that have happened, but couple moments to highlight:

  1. Few weeks ago I uploaded WP META SEO plugin (deleted it already )
    2 ) Wordpress was updated recently.
    The first screenshot is the way it supposed to be. The second screenshot is the way it looks now. Please advice!

Website link

Um, see the tabs, Visual, Text, Page Builder?
Click Page Builder.


Seeking for a professional support. Is there any support team\ theme developers at this forum? Please advice.

Hello there,

To revert back to the previous state of your content where page builder editor was active, you can access content revisions. See the below screencast:


Thank you so much Kharis,

It works! Quick question for you - if I install SEO plugin, could it possibly conflict with the ROW/ Widgets?

Or is it safe to instal SEO plugin?

Hello there,

I don’t have an exact answer for this. Sorry :frowning: You should try it yourself and the error occurs, you should consult to the plugin author.


Hi Kharis,

Got it! Thank you!