Round edges of an 'Image with text overlay'

Hello, how do I round the images of a ‘Image with text overlay’ to match my rounded product images? thanks

Hello @james2

Please send us your store url. We will send you a store collaborator request and quickly solve this for you.

Hi Enes,

Thanks - also, > Hi, I have a few questions about the product page in particular. 1) How do I display the SKU on the product page? 2) how do I add a line saying “usually dispatched in 48 hours”? 3) where do I display reviews? thanks these are all standard features on my free shopify theme so need to bring them across as they really impact sales.

Also, please could you change the text colour to white on the subscription section, with the image overlay? I have tried in the tool to change it white but the text is the same colour - think it is broken

Hi @james2,

All of your issues will be resolved. We will provide you with details on how to add SKU, reviews as well as the line of text. Thank you.

Hello @james2

All of the issues have been fixed on the theme: " Active-preset-1-version-1.01" .

In the Shopify customizer, when you select the product page and you select the “Product pages” section, you will see that you are now able to enable and disable the SKU and add a small note

We have also added the reviews section to your product page. This is something that can be added through the html through our custom product sections.

Newsletter text is also fixed and is now white as per your request.

Let us know if everything is ok with you and if you have any more issues.

Thank you

Thank you Enes, my apologies, I wasn’t clear on the bat doctor piece please could I have the option for rounded edges of as it originally was? Also just on the browse sections, is it possible to have the option to put the name of each section under the tile? If I have a tile with a white background at present it is not visible and that isn’t workable for the website.


Hi @james2

These modifications have been done as well. Let us know if they are good.

Thank you

What is this link about:


We are unable to access that link as we don’t have permission to view Shopify home. Please update our permissions so we can see what your question is about.