Rogue Line appearing on top of every page

There is a line appearing on top (behind header). Please solve this.
The line reads "Transform your design to manufacturing…"
I could not find out how it got there. It wasn’t there before. Suddenly it popped up on 9th Feb 2015.

That line doesn’t come from the theme.

Sorry but it is happening on my site to on mobiles & Windows explorer please could you check again as i can not get rid of it? my url is Any help would be appreciated Thanks

I see an ad on top of your website. It definitely doesn’t come from the theme. Start by disabling any plugins you have that are not from the Wordpress repository. If it doesn’t solve it disable the others too.

Here is a few images of the problem first is the link at the top of my page?

Top of Page

After inspecting element i get this?

Yeah I noticed that, but the theme doesn’t insert ads in your website. That’s why I said you should check your plugins.

All my Plugins are from Wordpress repository And I have De-activated each one even your suggested ones? no change? Somehow there is a link been added? it is embarrassing because its viagra advert. on chrome its not coming up, do you know another way to remove the link please?

I’m seeing it in Chrome. I really don’t know where it comes from, sorry. But it has nothing to do with the theme.