Rocked Theme Updates?

Are the free version and pro version no longer being updated?

I saw in my MainWP dash that free theme Rocked has not been updated in 427 days by Athemes. If this is just the free version, ok then I will buy the pro version but NOT if Athemes is not updating the Rocked Pro version as well.

Can some please advise me, thanks.

Hello there,

Let me check it with our lead developer @vlad if he has plan to update free Rocked theme. At this time you may be interested to upgrade to Pro, which the latest version is 1.18.

Upgrading to pro means you’ll get extensive features like extra page templates, additional options in the customizer, post/page options, etc. Besides you’ll get access to future updates which we more likely to prioritize.

You can review the pricing comparison in this link.


Hello @networkmage,

Our lead developer said that he will update Rocked theme at some point. Probably will do some enhancements and bug fixes. If you have a feature request to add, let us know by creating a new ticked in this channel.