Rocked Theme - Sidebar and Site Footer Margins/Padding | Customise H1 Title


With regard to the Rocked Theme, which by the way is really awesome, I’m wondering if you could help solve the following:

[1] Front Page Template H1 Title - Is there a way to underline the H1 titles that have been created in visual editor so that they appear just like the ones implemented on your H3 widget titles? As there can be just one H1 tag per page, it had to be created in visual editor as opposed to be being implemented on a panel grid cell.

Please find below the links to the web pages in question:

For example “WEIGHT LOSS TESTIMONIALS GALORE!” is an H1 title on the Testimonials page and so is the “WEIGHT MANAGEMENT : A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE MADE EASY” title on the home page.

It would be great to underline these so they are consistent with the other headings further down the page.

[2] Sidebar right margin/padding - I would like to reduce the white space to the right of the sidebar. Text wraps onto next line whilst there is enough room on the right of the Recent Post and Comment widgets.

Please find an example of a product post page with the sidebar issue.

[3] Site Footer Top Margin/Padding (Credits Row) - The top margin above the text WeightLossMasterZone cannot be reduced on desktop/laptop but appears perfect on tablet and mobile screens.

Any support you can offer would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here. We will be more than happy to assist you. But for better readability reason, please split your questions into singular thread for one query. Doing so, you will help us to maintain our support support well-archived and easier to browse by others.