Rocked theme and windows

Hello the team,
and thank you again for the support that you will bring us as always!
I use have the Rocked theme for a site i’m working on our Apple devices with Firefox ,Chrome, Safari, Opera and our iPhone 7 and 8, the site is perfect especially with these models, when we use Windows 10 and Internet Explorer there is something incomprehensible: everything is on the other (attached print screen) we do not know why or where it can come should we integrate a specific code for Windows in your theme ?..we are really disappointed because we made a big job on this site.
Thanks for your help again in advance,
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PS : after some tests it seems that it is mainly Internet Explorer 11 which is problematic as well as some version of Android mobile…



You can add this in Customize > Additional CSS:
.sow-image-container .fancybox.image { width: 100%; }


Hello Vlad,
thanks a lot for your help because I could not remedy this problem alone, a tiny piece of code that completely changes the look on Internet Explorer 11 ! I write it often in my messages but you free themes are very great and you really are the best team support ! Thanks again !
Best regard !