Rocked Testimonials - no slugs

I have the Pro Version of Rocked and I’m trying to get testimonials for different projects. Within the widget on the page, it says “enter slugs or leave blank for all”. However, there is nowhere to enter slugs for individual testimonials. I went to your support page and watched the video that shows how simple creating slugs however my version looks nothing like the “pro” version in the video - the Rocked theme widgets to the right of the testimonial creation page that allow the user in the video to create slugs is not in my version. Can you help? As it is I have all the testimonials appearing and it makes no sense have testimonials for Project A appearing on the page for Product B. Thank you. Scott


If you use the Pro Version of the theme, please re-post this topic on Rocked Pro forums ( we are different support staff for different themes, so always make sure to post to the forum of the theme you use ).

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards,