Rocked Services and Employees are not available at my Wordpress dashboard

Hi everyone.

  1. Employees, clients, Services types of posts are not available on my wordpress dashboard.
    I already installed the Rocked Demo .xml, but when WP upload the file only General Adjustments shows up. After I’ve got a lot of errors messages but I was doing good customizing my Front Static Page.
    When I tried to create services and employees… none!
    What could possibly happened? Unfortunately I do not have the errors messages anymore and now it is not happening anymore.
    How can I fixed it?

  2. on my footer area I would like to add the contact info, a ABOUT US text and a youtube video just like ate ROCKED demo. But I’ve tried so many times and it only creates one below the other… like a stack and not the 3 blocks in a row as I want it. I’ve checked the number os widget areas I want in the footer but it doesn’t matter if I pick 1 or 3, it goes one below the other anyway.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

Hello there,

> 1

From your site dashboard, go to Settings > Reading. Make sure you have selected “My front page” for your static front page, and “Blog” for Posts page.

> 2

Please visit Appearance > Widgets. Have you properly distributed the widgets into Footer 1, Footer 2, and Footer 2?