Revoution slider


I am currently using your excellent Moesia pro as my first attempt at a word press website.

I have found your videos and documentation incredibly helpful, but I am having problems with the Revolution slider.

Can I ask a few questions please:

  1. When using Revolution the logo and message I have created in the ‘welcome’ area are not visible - how do I make them visible please?

  2. In your demo of Moesia the slide of NYC seems to be zooming out can you tell me how you achieved this effect please?

I will apologise in advance, that this is likely to be the start of a number of questions!

Many thanks


  1. You cannot make them visible when using the Revolution Slider. It provides it’s own text/buttons capabilities so there was no point in keeping the welcome text available for it.
  2. That’s called the kenburns effect. You’ll find it there when you edit your slides.

Hi Vlad

Many thanks for the swift response!

Thought I was missing a setting stopping the text working!

As advised I will have a look at the settings in the slider.

Thanks again

Forgot one thing: here is the official documentation for Revolution Slider in case you might need it.

Thanks again Vlad - I think that I need all the help I can get!

In saying this, the template is absolutely fantastic and I think I am only beginning to scratch the surface of its capabilities!