Revolution slider

Hi guys,
I’m really sorry, I accidentally posted this question to Sydney Pro (I am working with both at the moment)

I am having problems with the revolution slider
no matter what i do, i cant get the height of the image to adjust.

I simply want to know how to adjust the width and height of the slider so I can create an image of the right size and just insert it into the slider. right now i am working on trial and error but getting nowhere, it keeps cutting off the height to about 400

Ive adjusted the slider settings to ‘auto responsive’
Unlimited height – on
force full width – off
min height 600
Grid width 1920
grid height 600

any ideas


Are you sure you saved your changes? I just tested to be sure and it works fine to set a custom grid height. I’m seeing the default value on your site which is 350px.
If you’re sure you’ve saved them then you might have a caching plugin that needs clearing.

Hi Vlad,
oops, I didn’t save the changes. I need a holiday :frowning:

thanks for the help, sorry for the time wasting.