Revolution slider


A couple of weeks ago Bluehost emailed me that there was a bug with revolution slider and that I should update it or they would put me offline. I updated the slider and now it is not working on my site.

Can you help me please as I dont know what to do.

Thank you



We never bundled the version of Revolution Slider with security issues in Moesia Pro, we started bundling it after the issue was already fixed. Or do you have your own purchased copy of Revolution Slider?

Regarding your issue, I don’t know what could be wrong but I can have a look if you send an admin account for me at vlad[at] And also let me know where you were using the slider (header or another place).

Hi Vlad,

Sorry for the delay in replying.
Life got in the way.
I tried updating the slider manually but no joy

I sent you an email with the link as admin.
and another with password.

Thanks so much

Slider is on the front page www.iheep in three places only. Same slider in each one



I’ve updated Revolution to the latest version on your website.
Your three sliders are working, but you don’t have any images set so there is nothing to show except for that Get it! button. So please add the images you want.

Hi Vlad,

I’ve read up on all I can find on the slider revolution and I cannot get just a plain image to upload on my slider. Can you please help me. I really cannot see what I am doing wrong. I am adding the image after creating the slider. Thanks Ellen

Hey Ellen,

I logged in and added two images to one of your already created sliders. You just need to click on Add new layer: Image when you’re editing your slides or adding new ones.