Revolution Slider + Youtube video


There is option to use Revolution Slider inside of the welcome section. How to get a full sceen Revolution Slider with a Youtube Video there?


Here is the documentation from the plugin developers:
You’ll find everything you need there. If there are any specific questions regarding it feel free to ask and i’ll be happy to help.


The front page slider just does not work as expected. You can see the problem here

I tried with video and without a video. Same result.


You just need to enter the alias there, which is pics in your case. You entered the whole shortcode as far as I can see. Let me know if this solves it please.

Thank you!

Now it works as expected.


One more thing…

Can I get rid of the border of the video?

You can’t remove it from the slider settings as far as I know, but you can do it manually by adding this to a custom CSS plugin:

.rev_slider iframe {
      border: 0;

Thank you again!

I used this plugin to add the CSS in the WP customiser:

That possibility could be part of our theme maybe?

Not sure I understand. You want that code to be part of the theme or a custom CSS option?

What I meant is that a custom CSS option in the Customiser would be nice without the need for addig another plugin.

I was actually thinking of adding that but I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. People might add broken CSS and mess up things. These custom CSS plugins already have libraries included that validate CSS and these libraries are pretty big because CSS is hard to validate. So I would be adding a large amount of code to the theme that most people wouldn’t need.