Revolution slider update to 5.0+



The Revolution slider plugin has been updated to 5.0+. Is it possible to send me the latest copy of the plugin ?




I would also like to receive a copy of the update as well please. As it stands my slider import is broken, and it seems updating to the newest available version of slider is the fix I’ve been suggested.


We’ll be updating the theme today or tomorrow with the latest Revolution Slider. Unfortunately, we cannot send out the plugin’s zip by itself as that would be against its license. But we do have a quick and easy guide that shows how to update it.


Completely understandable, you guys are awesome. I’ll keep an eye out for the update and try not to bug you anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanted to mention that I haven’t forgotten about this but I’m waiting for my colleague to send me the latest version of the plugin so I can update the theme. He’s on holiday but I think he’s returning tonight.


Awesome, thanks so much Vlad



I know you guys are doing amazing job :). Any news about the update ?



@Ousmane Barry:

The update was pushed on 4 September. Don’t you have a notice in your dashboard?


My theme version is 1.43. Should I follow this guide for update :




Yes, it’s the only way to update it when it comes bundled with a theme.



OK thanks. I’ll do that.



I followed the guide. However, when I activated the Revolution slider 5.0.6, I got a white screen. No way to access to my dashboard or anything else.

I have to remove it via my FTP.

Now, I’m stuck because I have no slider :(. Any help?



Any help please ??