Revolution Slider - two domains


I bought Sydney Pro when it was still coming with Revolution Slider.
I would like to use the slider on a second domain, but wasn’t sure if the version that came with Sydney Pro allows that - can you confirm?



perhaps another important question is this - i just realized that “Revolution Slider” doesn’t show up as an option on my “customization” link. Just Crelly. Is there a way to make Revolution slider show?

Alternatively, is there a way to make Crelly a full-height slider?



Do you want to use the Revolution Slider Plugin with Sydney Pro on an other domain or with an other theme? I think that is not allowed by license, because the plugin came bundled with our theme, it will work, but how I know you don’t have permission ( license ) to use it separately.

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I want to use it on a second domain that is also running Sydney Pro.
So if I’m understanding correctly, what is not allowed (even though it technically may work)



If I buy a new license on the theme punch website, how do I get it to display as a header option on the Sydney Pro theme?

Thanks again!



Yes, it will work, but you don’t need to purchase an other license if you want to use it with Sydney Pro ( and if it came bundled with Revolution Slider ), the theme have header option for Crelly Slider, maybe Revolution Slider have to be integrated to replace the Crelly Slider.

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Csaba - sorry, I misinterpreted your earlier comment.

Ok, so as long as I’m using it with Sydney Pro, that’s ok?

I downloaded a new copy of Sydney Pro recently (I bought it this summer) and the new copy did not have Revolution on it, it had Crelly. I uploaded Revolution Slider from my original version of Sydney Pro, so I have it on my theme now but it does not show as a customization option. How do I make it “integrated to replace the Crelly Slider.”?




Since it’s replaced with Crelly you may need to integrate it in header.php, that may require some custom coding from your part or you may need to hire a developer to do that for you. Otherwise the Revolution slider can be used in widget areas.

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So basically the latest version doesn’t come with Revolution or support for Revolution as you’ve noticed. That’s because we can’t bundle it anymore for new customers. If you’d like to use the old version on another domain (which isn’t old per se, we’re still maintaining it just as we are with the Crelly version) you can email me at vlad[at] and I’ll send it to you.


Thanks Vlad - emailed you.
Btw, why did you decide to switch from Revolution Slider to Crelly? I like how user friendly Crelly is but the only bummer is that it doesn’t have the option to go full-screen.



I’ve sent it.

We didn’t decide, it was decided for us. Although the license we bought for Revolution allows us the bundle it in Sydney Pro, it’s not exactly GPL compatible. And since the free version of Sydney is hosted on, anything we do around here needs to also be GPL compatible, so this includes the premium themes.