Revolution slider full screen video

Hi Vlad,
am using the video feature as video background (in frontpage/call to action) and in the revolution slider as html5, one full screen and one with specific dimensions.
While the video background in the call to action area is always working well, i cant get the video in the revolution slider to work well - have tried everything - also imported the video from themepunch to see if i missed something in the settings. But how ever i do it, it doesnt work right.

the fullscreen video with revolution slider is on (it is the 3rd slide) featuring the sea. The background image (cover) is a still of the video (with a white arrow on, just for test, to see when the still is showing and when the video). On firefox when you watch it for the first time, it first displays the still, then a black screen with the text animation (the black screen is disturbing) and then only the video. Sometimes the video doesnt start at all. Only when you open the slider for the second time it works smoothly.

In explorer there is no black screen, but the video doesnt start at all (only when you open the slider for the second time…)

in chrome it starts, but slow (the video starts actually at the end of the slider)

in safari it seems to work best

same video starting problems at (revolution slider / video layer)

hope very much you can help me on this one! (and the video itself is only 3 sec and streamed, so it s not a heavy load…)

best, caro

Looks fine to me. Only thing off about it is in Firefox it’s a bit glitchy for the first 1-2 seconds, then it works fine. Have you supplied different formats or only mp4? Make sure you also add webm.