Revolution Slider full screen scroll

This might be a question I should direct toward the Revolution slider people but ultimately, I’d like to create a full screen slider (fullscreen slider with multiple slides) at the top of the page as an intro, mouse wheel/scroll through a couple slides, then continue on down the page. Similar to this
Is there an easy way to achieve this?

If not, I’d like to set up a bottom anchor button to enter down into the page. It seems the support from the Sydney theme doesn’t easily allow this to be adjusted through the slider options.

I found an easy way to add a bottom anchor button (add icon on static/global layer and assign action “scroll below slider.”

However, a scroll through the slides and then continue on to page would be ideal if it is possible.

You guys and gals are the best by the way. Thanks for all you do


I see what you mean but no, it will be impossible. Sites like the one you linked are specifically built to work like that, following a certain structure and including some specific JS code. Sorry.

Totally understandable. Thought that might be the case, but thought I’d ask anyway. At least I figured out a good bottom anchor alternative. Thanks!