Revolution Slider appears on pages, but not header

Hi there,

I can’t get the Revolution slider to appear correctly in the header. It’s showing up when I put the shortcode on a page, but not when I put the alias in the header.

I’ve already made sure it was checked under “Customize” and that the others were unchecked.

I saw a fix somewhere to activate Jquery (or Javascript?) in the footer. I did that; and it still doesn’t work (though I can’t find this setting again!).

Unfortunately, I can’t post a link publicly because the site has to stay private. I’m happy to send you login credentials, if you’d like.

Can you please advise? Any help is much appreciated!


Sure, send me an admin account to vlad[at] so I can see what’s wrong. My guess is you haven’t added correctly the alias for the slider you want to display. Messing around with jQuery is never a good idea as you could break a lot of stuff.

Hey Vlad,

Thanks. And, yeah, I usually try to stay out of that stuff!

I’ll email you an admin account. Truly appreciate the help!

Okay, it’s done. As suspected you weren’t using the correct alias. You’ve added test-slider in your page which was working and only test in your header, which was also working correctly but it had no images, just a button.

Awww geez, I’m a dork! Great call. Thank you very, very much for your help, Vlad!

Hey, is there a place where I can leave a rating or review for you guys? I love your Moesia theme and I’m really impressed with how quick and ready you were to help. I bought the pro theme, but I’m more than happy to support you in other ways, if I can.