Revising Page Jumps / Div ID's on the Home Page

Is there a tutorial or support note that explains how to edit page jump div ID’s on the home page?

I contacted SiteOrigin’s support and they have provided an answer with regard to how to add Div ID’s to new SiteOrigin widgets that are added via PageBuilder, but could not help with how to edit/remove the existing Div ID’s.

The Div ID’s for page jumps on the home page only appear when you view the page as page source. They div ID’s do not show, other than as entered within the PageBuilder widgets. There appears to be no easy way to re-order or remove a page jump div ID.

SiteOrigin advised that I could revert the home page to use the WordPress editor and then edit the div ID in text mode, but they could not guarantee that the page would revert back successfully if it was to then be changed to use PageBuilder again.

All assistance would be greatly appreciated as I would prefer to use PageBuilder as I am a novice with WordPress and the Sydney theme.

Thanks in anticipation

Hello there,

In the row settings, under Row Style at the right side, expand Attributes tab, and set your custom row ID name to the Row ID box. Doesn’t it work for you?


Hi Kharis,

I don’t see anything!!

Are you suggesting that if I enter text for Row ID it will use that ID as the Div ID?


Please try to set your ID name in this box:

40 AM