Reverting comments on projects

I removed the comments capability from Projects (linked to porftolio).
How can I set them back?

Hello @gaetans,

Can you please describe how exactly you removed it?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,
Thanks for your reply.
I just removed the 2 checked boxes and updated the page. When I came back to the page editing (and this happened unfortunatelly for all my 15 projects) there are only: summary, slug and project inf in the bottom.
So the two check boxes have disappeared.
Best regards,

Hello Gaetano,

Can you please go to project editing screen, click Screen Options in top right corner, and try to enable them from there?

Kind Regards, Roman.

comments are not available.
here is a screenshot:

thanks for your help

Okay Gaetano,

Do you use Toolset Types plugin or Sydney Toolbox for Custom Post Types functionality?

Kind Regards, Roman.